Presenting Our Chief Tester

Here’s our chief tester and original inspiration for the site.  He goes by the name Paul and occasionally responds to ‘Churro’.  He’s a Peru-Anglo-Welsh mix…  which in later years will leave him in with a dilemma over whether to treat guinea pigs as pets or lunch.

chief tester

Our chief tester pilfering the cupboards – caught red-handed!

About ukpushchairs.co.uk

So what’s the story?  As a new Dad I got tired hunting down pushchairs and thought I could make things a little easier.

What I didn’t bargain for was how complicated it would be!  Xml feeds, php, mysql databases, what was I thinking?  I’ve narrowly escaped cerebral implosion.  Mainly thanks to people smarter than me who’ve done me the odd favour….

So now the site is at the point where it compares prices at Boots, Kiddicare, Kiddisave, Bambino Direct, Halfords, John Lewis, Babies R Us…  with more to come.  Everything is auto updated so the prices should be upto date.

There’s the occasional spanner in the works (usually me breaking something) but generally all of the info is spot on.

Daddy Blogger On The Side

When i’m not breaking my website I can be found thinking up articles which might be helpful for Dads (and mums!).  Or hunting down bargains for the free newsletter – (join hundreds of people and sign up top right).

PR And Press Enquiries

As a leading light in the Daddy Bloggers field (did someone say fake it ’til you make it?) i’m always open to enquiries from parenting magazines, blogs and the national press.  Just drop me a line at phil [@] ukpushchairs.co.uk. I’m not available for Radio due to an unintelligible accent, and the fact that I don’t have a face made for radio.

I’m also on twitter (puschairdad@twitter) with a huge and loyal following of people interested in my pearls of inanity wisdom.

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