Bugaboo vs Oyster vs Vista, Head to Head

bugaboo cameleon v babystyle oyster v uppbaby vista

Are you looking for the best pushchair pram combo?  Perhaps you’ve been told that the Bugaboo Cameleon is the cream of the crop and that you shouldn’t waste your time looking elsewhere…

Well, if you’re reading this you probably haven’t quite made your mind up and want to compare it with a few other pushchairs. No doubt you’ve unearthed a few alternatives through some research of your own.

Well here’s the lowdown on three great pushchair / prams which can deal with pretty much anything you throw at them.

Bugaboo Cameleon

Good:  Status symbol, Excellent resale value, Handle can be flipped over.

Bad:  Very expensive.

bugaboo cameleon different colours

Babystyle Oyster

Good: Available in 13 different colours, Easy to detach seat.

Bad: Some people have had chassis issues, Two step fold.

babystyle oyster colour options

UPPAbaby Vista

Good: Can convert into double by adding ‘rumble seat’, Very manouevrable. V. extendable handle.

Bad: Doesn’t fold quite as compactly as the other two pushchairs.

uppababy vista different configurations

Cameleon vs Oyster vs Vista Comparison Table

 Model (+link) Price with Carrycot Pushchair Weight (kg) Width (cm) Handle Height (cm) Fold Size (cm)

Bugaboo Cameleon

£770 9 84 97-113 84 x 60 x 30.5 (middle)

Babystyle Oyster

£444 10.5 56 96-104 56 x 40 x 75 (smallest)

UPPAbaby Vista

£569 11.3 63.5 104-111 81.5 x 63.5 x 38 (biggest)


Similarities Between The Pushchairs

Each of these three pushchairs can have a Maxi Cosi Carseat attached.  Although only the Vista includes the adaptors as standard.

They all look stunning and will turn heads, the Cameleon is much more common nowadays than a few years ago, so the jaw dropping effect has worn off somewhat.  However, the ability to mix and match the different colour packs allows you to individualise the pushchair exactly how you want.

The Oyster has a similar setup, you could buy a different colour pack every few months and pretend you have a new stroller!

The Vista comes in a selection of colours that are slightly understated and classy.  Of the three it’s the one I would select for my family if I were choosing.  The option of adding the ‘rumble seat’ gives versatility and the colours are more my style.

But each of the three is an excellent pushchair and would do a great job.

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